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Life Impulse® HappyDreams
Life Impulse® HappyDreams - Código 7041 Life Care

peaceful sleep and relaxation

fights against stress

helps remove insomnia

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Insomnia in Latin means "without sleep", and it represents the difficulty in having a quiet and uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is very important for the human body, as the body recovers during sleep. Doctors recommend that an adult should sleep 7-9 hours per night on average, but for various reasons, we often fail to do so.
Quiet and restful sleep has important benefits for the whole body, from improving memory and increasing performance to exams to increasing immunity, athletic performance, and reducing stress and depression.

Beneficios y efectos

Life Impulse® HappyDreams contains a complex of BIO plants that induce a relaxing state and counteract the effects of stress, helping to eliminate insomnia.

Instrucciones de uso

1 capsule the evening before bedtime. Recommended only for persons from the age of 16. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Keep away from light, keep cool and dry. The normal diet can not be replaced with the use of this dietary supplement. Preferably use until the end of the period on the packaging. Do not leave this food supplement within the reach of small children.


Box containing 30 capsules. Ingredients / capsules: Eco Schisandra extract (Schisandra chinensis ) 100 mg*, EcoNoni extract (Morinda citrifolia ) 100 mg*, Eco Rhodiola extract (Rhodiola rosea ) 100 mg*, Eco Valeriana (Valeriana offcinalis) 50 mg*. Other ingredients: cellulose. NRV - Nutritional Reference Value - cf. Reg.UE 1169/2011, * - NRV is not set. Variation of ingredients +/- 10 %.

Información extra

Notified by MS/CRSPT: Series AB, Nr. 1692


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