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Detoxification package complet for 30 days
Detoxification package complet for 30 days - Code 4601 Life Care

eliminates toxins fat cells

protects and supports the kidneys

ensures the minerals and vitamins necessity

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THE PERFECT SOLUTION for you? Here are 3 reasons to choose the SPECIAL Life Care® packages:
1. Products validated by millions of clients
2. Combinations of products recommended and validated by nutritionists
3. Packages tested and validated by personal trainers and specialists in the field

Benefits and efects

The Detoxification packagehas the role of purifying and activating the internal organs, being an important step in the weight loss process. Its unique components ensure:
- essential products:Life Impulse® SlimMEspeeds the metabolizing of fats and inhibits appetite, which leads to a faster fats burning in a natural and healthy manner
-speeds the metabolizing of fats and inhibits appetite, which leads to a faster fats burning in a natural and healthy manner:Vegan-Detox Smoothie Meal Balance®it helps with the colon detoxification, the reduction of cholesterol in the blood and facilitates intestinal transit. The psyllium husk rich in spongious fibers, reduces the appetite, improves digestion and reduces the bloating sensation. The inulin forms a gel which absorbs cholesterol while the cumin, ginger and turmeric prevent bloating and indigestion.
-boosters for amazing results:Life Impulse® MultiPlusVitcontains vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining the body healthy. It gives the body strength and energy, helps with reducing the fatigue states, contributes to a normal functioning of the nervous, skeletal, muscular and immune systems andLife Impulse® Renalo Complex is excellent for maintaining the health of the entire urinary system, including the kidneys and prostate.
-The full package presentation + TIPS from our specialists(click here),contains complete information about how to use and use recommendations
-Target indicators monitoring(click here)
- Monitoring Daily Physical Activity(click here)
* Buying this package, you qualify forFREE TRANSPORT.

Directions for use

-Life Impulse® SlimME: 2 boxes, 30 capsules / box. Recommendation-administration in the early part of the day related to the meals: breakfast and lunch-2x1 / day, at least 30 minutes before meals with 200-250 ml of water
-Smoothie with psyllium husk Vegan Detox Smoothie Meal Balance® (box 150 g) Recommendation - in the morning instead of breakfast
-Life Impulse® MultiPlusVit (30 capsules) immediately before meals or between meals
-Life Impulse® Renalo Complex: 30 capsules with pumpkin seeds. Recommendation - administration in the early part of the day related to the meals: breakfast and lunch-before meals, with SlimME

The treatment can last one month and is not recommended for chronic conditions.


2 X Life Impulse® SlimME - Code 7016
• Vegan - Detox Smoothie Meal Balance® - Detoxification – Code 1306
• Life Impulse® MultiPlusVit - Multivitamins and minerals - Code 7610
• Life Impulse® Renalo Complex with BIO pumpkin seeds - Code 765


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