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We believe everyone deserves a better and happy life, and with valuable people, products enjoyed by millions of people and professional services, every dream becomes reality.




In July 4, 2005 Life Care® Company is set up in Timisoara.

Life Care® brings a new and dynamic spirit on the direct sales market in Romania: a confident attitude, an increased power of work, creativity, all these with young people and eager to fulfill their dreams. With a small start team, but extremely confident, in 2005 the working systems are set out and the new direction is targeted: first BIO Romanian Company which sells, nationwide, cosmetics, cleaning products and food supplements, all of them being famous international brands. What is the goal? 100,000 people are healthier, more prosperous … and happier.



Every day we use care, beauty and cleaning products, and if we want to take care of our health and the loved ones it is important to make right choices. Products which come in contact with our body have to be in harmony with this one. Therefore, Life Care® took into account every aspect and need of the customers, enriching its portfolio with new series of products, that belong to the most respected BIO manufacturers in the world and whose quality is certified ECOCERT or BDIH.

Also in community passion transforms performance in rewards. Partners take advantage of business opportunities and instruments made available, win first trips for a well deserved relaxation and fulfill the dream of having their own car.



Life Care takes an important step: initiates and develops the first brands, products with ingredients carefully selected, adapted to the needs of people who want to a have a healthier life. Thus, were born the first Life Care® brands, whose products have won million customers in the years ahead: Kräuter (therapeutic cosmetics with biological controlled ingredients); BioHAUS (ecologic detergents); Life Impulse (organic food supplements); LifeGlam (modern accessories for body and bath).

First place – Companies Top – Category Commerce, Export, Tourism, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Timi? County.



It was a year with many changes and achievements. The team, which started out enthusiastically, is enjoying of a new "house", moves into a new office, equipped according to European standards. Now, Life Care® team is growing, new opportunities arise for those who have been there from the beginning, and other people are joining who share same values (passion, freedom, respect) and come with fresh forces. The entire team celebrated together with BIO community, on "Open Doors Day", a day of energy, healthy snacks, surprise moments and super concert, an event that was moderated by Razvan and Dani.

The first Life Care® Ambassadors join the community, who promote, support the same values, having a healthy lifestyle and represent role models for millions of Romanians: the fashion designer Catalin Botezatu and the television star Mihaela Radulescu.

Products are an integral part of the programs supported and popularized by Life Care® and its specialists for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the quality of products and services is essential for the company, and obtaining ISO 9001:2008 Certification (Quality Management) adds value.



In spring 2009 Life Care® Company brings on Romania markets first BIO perfumes, Acorelle range, an absolute nationwide premiere. And this is just the beginning, because two more brands Life Care® are launched successfully: Ganoderma Coffee for Life and BIOstyle, coming to consumers with healthy alternatives for coffee and even for stockings.

2009 is under the sign of passion and performance. Triple Olympic medalist Simona Amânar-Tabara and the television man Virgil Ian?u join Life Care® community and support its actions.

Romania spoke BIO for four years, and now has come the turn of other countries from Europe to be conquered, the first one was Hungary.

It is a year in which the whole family enjoys a health products portfolio in continuous development that is enhanced with each new catalog. Also in continuous development Life Care® team, offering customers exceptional quality of products and services provided, and approaching towards each customer in part, the company invested over the time in many actions of education and information about the importance of healthy products consumption, in harmony with our body.



Life Care® is Company no. 1 in Romania for a healthy, fulfilled and prosperous lifestyle.  The community celebrates together five years with Life Care®, outdoors, with music and dance, at a mega concert by ?tefan Banica Jr., Andra and DJ Project. This year brings values to the company the Ambassadors ?tefan Banica Jr. and Andra and Catalin Maru?a. More and more people discover the freedom to do what they like and put passion in everything they do, so that more and more make the performance a lifestyle and enjoy a better and happy life among their beloved ones.

The investment in products and services quality is continuous, so, this year Life Care® obtains also ECOINSPECT certification, the first Romanian Body for conformity assessment of organic agricultural products from Romania.



Although the economic situation in Romania was unstable and delicate, Life Care manages to develop further, even internationally, and in countries such as Hungary, Spain or Italy have developed new communities, which have brought value to Life Care® brand and enjoyed quality products, efficient delivery services and access to information in the language requested, both online and special telephone lines.

This year, Life Care® community benefits of personal development courses, presented by internationally renowned speakers and celebrates six years of Life Care® at an explosive concert by Horia Brenciu & HB Orchestra.

Also this year, is set up Life Care Foundation, which aims to support life and human potential, in line with the motto "life is a journey towards personal fulfillment". Among the first actions of the Foundation is included a kitchen fitting from a centre for children, and the kids were taught by a chef how to prepare alone healthy snacks. Because the Foundation supports youth potential, another project, this time supporting the potential, was the organization of the first exhibition of a young talented artist, giving him support to a successful start.



After seven years of development, Life Care® moves into another era, an era of health, prosperity and fulfillment, supported by Ambassadors such as Florentina Opri?, the promoter of a healthy style and Octavian Bellu, declared by the World Records Academy as being "the most successful coach in the world", with a record of 16 golden Olympic medals.

You can say you have success if you wake up in the very morning, and till you go to sleep you do what you like. Thus, you become good in what you do, and the rewards come in a natural way. Life Care® gives anyone a real opportunity to develop a highly rewarded independent business in the Direct Dales Industry and belonging to a community of people who believe in values such as freedom to do what you like, passion for what you do and respect for the others.

Also in 2012 Life Care Foundation organizes the first edition of BIO Camp, where over 50 adolescents participate in educational workshops, learn how to discover and use their potential and participate to classes where they learn how to enjoy a healthy adolescence, communicate effectively, give the first aid, and develop personally. Of course they enjoyed specific activities of the camp, entertaining, in a dreaming mountain landscape, in the nature.



Eight years after, Life Care® forms TEAM No. 1 of a healthy, active and prosperous lifestyle together with Horia Tecau and MPG. The company supports and actively participates, as Official Partner, to the most complex sports projects for amateurs, organized by MPG. In this year, two BIO Ambassadors, for which performance is a lifestyle, joined Life Care community: Gabriela Szabo, named the best athlete and the best sport woman in the world and Horia Tecau, professional tennis player.

Life Care® is proud already with the products that have been used by millions of people. These products have unique recipes that contain a large variety of BIO plants, from organic farming, designed by specialists in the field. The company has developed already seven own brands, with products aimed at the whole family: Kräuter® (therapeutics products), Life Impulse® (food supplements), Biotissima® (beauty and care products), Coffee for life Ganoderma® (coffee), Meal Balance® (food), Primo® (perfumes) and BioHAUS® (cleaning products). These are supplemented also by other range of products, in total, company portfolio counting over 500 of products.

Also this year it is launched the campaign "Life Care wants YOU the image of Biotissima", which proves that every woman is beautiful if she is confident, has a positive attitude, a healthy lifestyle and uses proper cosmetics products. The winner, a young woman from Timisoara, become the image of Biotissima® brand, representing it with confidence in the new Life Care® Catalog.

Another campaign has drawn attention on irresponsible consumption of water. "Life Care® takes care of every drop" urged the Romanians to use simple methods through which they will succeed to save water every day.

Also in 2013, there took place two editions of BIO Camp, both summer and winter time, which brought together over 100 talented teenagers in various fields, who have benefit of materials and classes in different fields, meant to guide them to a healthier life and personal development. The fact that the teenagers participate in several editions, can only provide more value to this soul project, which supports their potential and offers a truly unforgettable week.

December ends emotionally with the campaign "From the bottom of the heart for a heart'', where the team has collected food, products and various supplies, to be given to the people from the Elders Center Sf. Ioan in Timi?oara and to the children from the School Center for Inclusive Education "Dumitru Ciumageanu" Timi?oara, who have received an extremely useful gift: a professional potter's wheel, with which children can practice their movement skills. The visits to those two centers as well as the gifts offered have brought joy both the one visited and for Life Care® Santa Claus Team.



Life Care® starts the New Year with a new attitude: happy every day!

Started with a positive energy and confidence, in 2014 is created and developed, for the community, programs that help them to be healthier and become in turn Advisors (The Club of Healthy Romanians, Healthy lifestyle Advisor) and Coaching programs (Empower, the most complex Program of Coaching Online).

In May, Life Care® has brought in Romania the most awaited author of the year: Neale Donald Walsch, the author of series "Conversation with God", organizing an extraordinary event:"Success and wellbeing!"

Another challenge launched this is year is the campaign "Now it's easy to lose weight healthfully!" At the end of 2013 the Women Academy launches the campaign "Become the Goddess of your life". Three courageous women have started on the road to a new life and learned how to make changes they need, turning this experience in a lifestyle. Life Care® has supported the three participants with slimming programs and products for care and beauty and in 2014 has decided to further support them to achieve their goals and initiated the campaign "Now it's easy to lose weight healthfully!", a project that addresses to all those who want to make a change, through access to special programs for healthy weight loss, an interactive platform providing assistance to community, and the winners will be rewarded with a total transformation and presented to the biggest event of the year: Life Care® Gala.

The new generation is the legacy we leave to the future. This summer it was held the fourth edition of teenagers camp, BIO Camp, and the subject was: "Give LIKE to a new generation!"  The energetic and enthusiastic teenagers have spent a wonderful week, where cognitive activities were harmoniously combined with the entertaining ones, and the volunteers were actively involved and have spoken about those nine values on which their generation has to guide: freedom, passion, balance, health, beauty, fun, confidence, responsibility and evolution.


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